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In the United States, BNP Paribas offers wealth management services through its  subsidiaries, Bank of the West and Nasdaq-listed First Hawaiian Bank.

Bank of the West

The Wealth Management team at Bank of the West works with clients to address a full set of client financial needs with solutions ranging from deposit services and private mortgage banking to investment management and trust and estate services.

Private Client Advisors serve as dedicated overall relationship managers, focusing on understanding each affluent and high-net-worth client’s financial goals.  With this comprehensive picture in place, PCAs bring together an integrated set of solutions and professionals from across the bank to address the range of financial issues you face.

First Hawaiian Bank

First Hawaiian Bank’s Wealth Management Group will help you design a wealth accumulation, preservation and distribution plan that is aligned with your family’s financial goals. First Hawaiian takes a look at how everything fits together and will assemble a team of bank experts that may include a financial planner, accredited insurance advisor, investment professional, and personal trust officer. Your team of professionals will work with you and your personal banker to create a customized plan for investment, retirement and custodial needs.

First Hawaiian Bank’s Institutional Wealth Management group also works with businesses, non-profit organizations and government sectors to develop employee investment and retirement plans as well.

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