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June 11, 2010 - ,

EcoTV June – Should we worry about the fall of the euro? What’s at stake for the new British Cabinet? How did Argentina weather the crisis? All in video…

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The webTV for BNP Paribas economists, is presented by the journalist Gaëlle Copienne. On the agenda every month is Philippe d’Arvisenet, Director of Economic Research; as well as two interviews regarding the top headlines in the international economic world.

This month, the three subjects are:

Should we worry about the euro’s fall?
Philippe d’Arvisenet, Director of Economic Research

“ […] This is ok to have an overvalued currency when things are very good. It’s right to have an undervalued currency when you need to seek for growth somewhere. […] ”

Challenging agenda for the new British cabinet
Caroline Newhouse-Cohen OECD Economist

“ […] The new British cabinet has two goals. It has to cut the huge budget deficit but also to back economic recovery. It is a very delicate task. […] ”

Argentina: Last tango with “holdouts”?
Thibault Mercier , OECD Economist

“ […] In 2009, the government posted its first public deficit in 7 years. This is the case of a lot of countries which suffered the crisis but for Argentina it’s more complicated. In fact denied access to international capital markets since its 2001 default, the country has no sources of funding to meet its 2010 repayments. […] ”

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