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BNP Paribas has a long history in the US. Since the mid-1800s, we have grown to include operations in New York/New Jersey, San Francisco, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Denver, Washington, D.C., and several other major cities. With over 3,500 employees, BNP Paribas US is an integral part of our international network.

BNP Paribas in the US – Our Commitment to the US Market

We continue to grow and strengthen our commitment to the US market. BNP Paribas’ Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB) platform and Asset Management platform:

• Help businesses raise capital in the US and globally by leveraging an international network spanning 64 countries

• Offer consistent client service and innovative approaches for investment, hedging, and financing opportunities across asset classes and geographies, as well as research and market intelligence to help our clients make strategic decisions

• Support our clients’ transition to a lower carbon economy, and an increasingly sustainable business model through forward-looking financing and investing solutions

We are one of a few non-US banks to offer a full value chain for our clients, from trading to financing, and clearing and custody in the US with the international footprint and capacity to deliver both globally and locally. Leveraging the strength of our European roots, our network can support clients in virtually every region of the world, enabling more connectivity and efficiency wherever our clients conduct business.

Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB)

BNP Paribas Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB) offers our corporate clients and institutional investors tailored solutions to meet their financing, cash management, and advisory needs. We also provide our corporate and institutional clients with global capital markets and securities custody and administration services.

Our CIB business serves many of America’s largest corporations and financial institutions. Through the bank’s integrated model with a presence in 64 countries, our team in the region helps US corporates secure financing and manage risk not only in the US but throughout the globe. In addition, BNP Paribas helps many of its non-US clients raise capital or invest in the US, supporting the strength, diversity, and liquidity of the US financial system and the broader economy.

We are the fifth-largest global securities custodian and administrator, overseeing over $13 trillion in assets under custody. Clients including banks, investment managers, insurance companies, pension funds, and sovereign wealth funds across the globe trust us to ensure the seamless handling of their transactions.

As the bank for a changing world, our mission is to contribute toward responsible and sustainable growth by financing the economy and supporting our clients to tackle the world’s fundamental challenges. We’re a company with a purpose — to be a responsible and sustainable global leader — and we aim to create the kind of environment where our employees feel empowered to drive change and to make an impact. As a pioneer in sustainable finance, we have developed deep expertise and a globally recognized track record of creating innovative financing and investment solutions for our clients that can accelerate their journey toward sustainable business growth and success.

In the Americas, we strive to be our clients’ premier global banking partner, supporting local communities and helping clients adapt and succeed in creating a more sustainable world.

Asset Management

With BNP Paribas Asset Management, clients can enjoy the benefits of working with one of the world’s leading financial institutions. We offer a broad range of actively-managed investment solutions across four divisions:

• Equities

• Fixed income

• Private Debt & Real Assets (PDRA)

• Multi-Asset, Quantitative & Solutions (MAQS)

Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy and investment decision-making process, as we make an active contribution to energy transition, environmental protection, and the promotion of equality and inclusive growth. Our aim is to achieve long-term sustainable investment returns for our clients.

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