Our Values

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How We Put Our Values into Action

You plus Us

We strive to do business in an ethical, responsible way, and we champion an inclusive culture. Joining us means embodying our BNP Paribas values.

We are… A Sustainable & Responsible Global Leader

Bold plus Strategic

We Are Rock Solid

To continue to thrive, we must continuously transform our business. The Company’s prudent yet innovative strategy has enabled us to become one of Europe’s biggest banks, with a global footprint.

Digital plus Sustainable

We Create a Positive Impact

Our core values and ethical principles permeate every aspect of our business. What we do can only have value if it is meaningful to society.

Local plus Global

We Are Worldwide

BNP Paribas has 184,000 employees across 64 countries. So, when people join an organization like ours, you must be willing to embrace this global dimension — and understand what it implies in terms of mindset, cultural diversity, and reach.

We are… A Learning Company

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We Are The Place To Grow

We want our employees to feel fulfilled, and we also want other people to join us. To achieve this, we have developed a dedicated, personalized, and increasingly digital experience to support the professional development of all employees.

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We Support Continuous Learning

Today, the working world is moving at an incredible speed. To keep pace, we need to have the right reflexes at the right moment, be flexible, and adapt rapidly. The secret? Continuously grow and develop. This is what we are committed to – the professional development of our people day after day, and belief in continuously learning. They can choose from a wide range of learning programs in innovative formats. We also want them to be proactive: they decide which courses they want to take and when.

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We Customize Your Development Path

Every person is unique, each desire is different, and each pathway is distinct. Every employee is free to be proactive and can be trained in line with their development. There are multiple and varied evolution opportunities during one’s professional life including international mobility. Considering the richness of our business lines and geography, the possibilities are endless…

We are… An Open-minded Group

Diversity plus Inclusion

We Support Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity is not just a question of type, handicap, skin color, age, or origin… inclusion is the respect of distinct uniqueness and allows each employee to be him or herself every day. To be one’s self at work, with one’s colleagues and managers is the key to our engagement and collective success in the company.

Innovative plus Commited

We Lead through Innovation

Being open-minded also means having the capacity to move forward, constantly stay ahead of the curve, challenge the way we work, and embrace innovation to drive progress. We are the “bank for a changing world“. It’s our role to provide an ecosystem that nurtures you and fosters collaboration among everyone involved: clients, employees, candidates.

Unique plus Equal

We value fresh perspectives

Always aware of new trends, integrate evolutions quickly and permanently for our markets, our products, and our services… we are operating in a living society, which also means being open to the world.

We are Becoming… The Place to Work Differently

Agile Adaptive EVP Logo

We Cultivate Well-being

Providing a workplace environment that encourages you to be creative, agile, and innovative is a good thing. Creating a workplace where you feel good about what you do, where you can advance at your own pace, and proactively manage your career is even better!

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We Love Collaborating

The spirit of collaboration is always a source of emulation and production of value. We’re rolling out innovative co-working methods, test & learn approaches, and other team-based initiatives to ensure that collaborative working becomes second nature.

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We Practice Positive Management

Positive Management is a totally new way to imagine the relationship between manager and their team. The manager leads by example, develops ways to co-construction, and helps their team members realize their full potential. The ingredients of management are above all: mutual respect, trust, meaning, flexible work methods, collaborative thinking, and a culture of sharing.

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