US Whistleblowing Hotlines

What is Whistleblowing?

As an employee, you should report any suspected or observed breach of a law, a regulation or the Code of Conduct, examples being an act of corruption, fraud, harassment, a market abuse, or any other situation that jeopardized the security of individuals or the Bank.

Whistleblower concerns may be disclosed in Good Faith at any time, from anyone, anywhere.

Available to all US employees and third-party workers to report an actual or suspected workplace misconduct, unethical behavior or other breaches of the Code of Conduct, policy, procedures, law, rule or regulation.

Remember! Retaliation is never permitted, and employees that retaliate against another are subject to discipline, including termination of employment.

Suspected violations of the BNP Paribas Code of Conduct or other policies can be anonymously disclosed via the hotlines/websites at:

CIB U.S. & Canada 
(888) 288-1417 

Asset Management USA
(888) 288-1417

For additional information on the US Ethics Hotline, contact your Compliance officer. It is safe to report a concern. BNP Paribas will not tolerate retaliation.