BNP Paribas Securities Services Top Rated in the 2012 Hedge Fund Administration Survey

August 28, 2012

BNP Paribas Securities Services achieved high scores in the Global Custodian‘s Hedge Fund Administration survey, which polled industry clients on their hedge fund administration service providers.

2012 results announced top-rated status in North America, commended status in Europe and commended* status globally.

These scores are higher than the average reported scores and we are also rated “Best in Class” in all North American categories.

“The French bank has transformed its performance this year,” stated Global Custodian. “Scores are not just up in nine out of ten questions and in all but two areas, but up by two- and three-digit margins. If the scoring is by a different set of respondents—less than half of a much-enlarged group of respondents return from last year—the results, nevertheless, fit the rising profile of BNP Paribas in alternative fund administration.” According to the magazine’s journalist, these results are evidence of “BNP Paribas Securities Services’ major progress in hedge fund administration.”

See full results of Global Custodian’s Hedge Fund Administration survey.

Read the full story and analysis in the spring edition of Global Custodian Magazine.

*Only the long-standing rule preventing a shift of more than one rating per year denies BNP Paribas Securities Services Top Rated status.