The Environment

Accelerating the ecological and energy transition

The ecological and energy transition is our top environmental priority as a global financing leader in the energy sector. In addition to aligning our policies with the 17 targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we are committed to:

• Supporting our clients in the transition towards a low-carbon economy

• Reducing the environmental footprint of our own business

• Building knowledge and sharing environmental best practices

With our policies firmly based on the Paris Agreement, we meet our commitments through a variety of initiatives:

• We achieved carbon neutrality in our own operational scope since 2017 through improvement in our own efficiency, building travel policies and offsets

• We are a member of the Net-Zero Banking Alliance. In April 2021, we joined this UNEP FI-led initiative and made commitments to be net-zero in our activities by 2050, including greenhouse gas emissions within our loan and investment portfolios

• We are a signatory of the Act4Nature initiative, through which we aim to strengthen our commitment to contributing to the preservation of biodiversity. We strongly support the energy transformation by financing renewable energy, which increased from 7 billion euros in 2015 to 17.8 billion euros in 2020

We actively encourage and work with our clients, individuals, and partners to offer various financing tools dedicated to accelerating the energy transition – whether solar or EV loans for individuals, green and socially responsible investment funds for investors, or green bonds or sustainable loans for larger corporates and institutions.

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